Our journey started with a simple idea. That was to deliver easy, robust and powerful solutions and products to small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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Our story

Our journey started with our problems. We faced a lot of issues during our starting phase. And after realizing, everyone facing all the same.

So we got an idea, why not help all those people who are suffering from the same problems that we have faced and solved in past?

And that started our journey, as NIMACTIVE. It’s not just a word it’s a whole mean. Which defines Us, Our Team, Our Passion for Innovation, and the Mindset of the problem-solving approach.

NIMACTIVE is powered by a team of engineers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Which are open to deliver the best solutions to businesses and individuals at their best

We, NIMACTIVE are not just limited to developing websites. We also offering Home Automation services and Products, Electronics Manufacturing and Interior designing services.